So, you want to sue for Pain and Suffering…

In Pennsylvania you may have given up your right to make a claim for this important area of damages if you elected LIMITED TORT coverage on your automobile insurance.

Limited Tort

If you are injured under a limited tort policy, the lower cost of your premium essentially revokes your right to claim and obtain fair compensation for pain and suffering for the injuries sustained in a car crash unless you suffer an injury so severe that you are permanently and severely affected in your work and household responsibilities.  This is a high standard to prove and percentage wise not many are able to do it successfully in court or settlement.

There are some exceptions to the drastic limitations of the limited tort selection. You  may be able to get around your selection and receive a full tort compensation for your injuries if you are injured 1) as a pedestrian 2) by a drunk driver 3) by an out-of-state driver 4) if you own no car in your household  or 4) if you are in a commercial vehicle such as a bus, cab, rental car or company car.

You should have your specific case reviewed by an attorney to see if there is away around the issues of a limited tort selection so that you can receive full compensation for your pain and suffering. Please call Attorney Buday for a free consultation regarding your case.

Full Tort

Full tort coverage allows you to keep your right to make a claim for pain and suffering money whether your case is small, medium or large. With this coverage, even people with soft tissue sprain and strain injuries can be compensated for their pain and suffering.  Because it provides this important protection, the decision to purchase full tort coverage, if affordable, can be well worth the difference in cost.