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Checklist for Social Security Clients

While you await a hearing on your right to Social Security benefits, it is important that you help to keep your case on track for success. Here are some pointers that can help you and your attorney:

Tell your Attorney Everything About Your Medical Condition. No detail is too small when evaluating a case. Make sure that you have provided every detail you can remember, including the use of medical devices like canes, wheelchairs, braces etc.

Keep a Calendar or Journal. Write down your appointments and symptoms. Write down when you’ve had trouble doing activities. Keep track of things you can’t do as a result of your condition and personal events you’ve had to miss.

Hang on to Your Evidence. It is important to keep copies of any documents that you are providing to doctors, employers or insurance companies.

Medical Information. It is important to let your attorney know of any change in medical condition, medical providers and treatment plan. You should regularly update your attorney with this information. 

Be a Good Patient. Do not sabotage your case by being inconsistent in your discussions with your doctors, especially in the areas of complaints and past medical history. Also, don’t forget to follow through with treatment recommendations. Stopping treatment, refusing treatment or not putting forth valid effort may seriously affect your rights.

Don’t Get Lost! Your attorney needs to always have your current address and phone number.  Also, let them know if you have an email account or fax machine.